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IPL T20: Delhi Daredevils won against Hyderabad Deccan Chargers

IPL T20: Delhi Daredevils won against Hyderabad Deccan Chargers

Yesterday very interesting match Delhi Daredevils Vs Hyderabad Deccan Chargers has played Rajiv Gandhi International stadium, Hyderabad. Delhi Daredevils captain Sehwag has played very good game he has given to important role in match won he made not out 94 runs faced 41 balls he hits 6 sixes and 10 boundaries and one more person is also done a good job Shikar Dhawan he played not out 25 runs. Yesterday Hyderabad Deccan Chargers has lost match 9 wickets. Hyderabad Deccan Chargers captain V S Laxman has won the toss and decided to take bat; Deccan Chargers has made 142 runs lost 8 wickets. But Delhi Daredevils side they have only lost Gautam Gambhir wicket he Gambhir has made 12 runs in 9 balls. He lost wicket catch out by Adam Gilchrist in R.P Singh’s ball. This T20 series Delhi Daredevils has continues second victory. Before this match Delhi

Wordpress 2.5

So I’ve got several different sites running on Wordpress and about a week ago I started upgrading all of them to version 2.5. I really like the upgrade so far, the admin interface is taking a little bit to get used to but overall I really like it. Now all of my sites seem to be doing fine with the upgrade with the exception of one that I noticed was having massive permalink problems.

This is actually site running of the popular wordpress ebay plugin called PhpBay and I highly recommend it for building some great niche ebay sites to make some cash. It’s the best $49 that I’ve spent in awhile to generated some solid profits.

So I’ve got a few sites running this plugin but only one seems to be having problems with the permalink structure. I’m really not sure what the issue is because some of the permalinks work and others that should be working are pointing to 404 errors that the post is not there. In addition I’ve got lots of other plugins running as well and I’ve made sure they’re all compatible with 2.5, disabled them, and nothing seems to fix the problem. At this point I’m probably going to restructure the whole site anyway to take advantage of some SEO stuff that I overlooked the first time around, but this is still very frustrating because I cannot figure out what seems to be causing this.

If anyone else has had any problems like this I’d definitely love to hear the solution that you’ve come up with. I’m honestly just thinking that something crazy happened during the upgrade since this is the only site that it happened on.

Do you Believe in Magic?

It is no surprise that Ben Stein, a former speech writer for Richard Nixon, is willing to make patently false statements in order to attempt to win an argument. Stein was able to state, with a straight face, that the famous "Deep Throat" who gave inside information that led to the revelations of the gross misconduct of the Nixon Administration, was in fact a "fabrication of Bob Woodward". Of course Ben Stein has only one expression, so his ability to lie easily should come as no surprise. The Nixon insider whose conscience led him to choose his country over his political loyalties was later revealed to be a very real person, much to Stein's embarrassment.

Ben Stein continued, unabashed, following the motto of Lucy Van Pelt whom he resembles in more than one way..."If you can't be right...Be Wrong at the top of your Voice!"

With that in mind, Stein has decided to shill for Creationism and the Intelligent Design advocates, and he has done very well financially as a result. Does he believe that stuff? I doubt it very much...It's just another good gig for Stein in his role as a lobbyist for the Right Wing Christian movement, an oddity in and of itself since Ben Stein is a Jew.

Stein is an accomplished writer of propaganda and is very good at making things seem like something other than they are by presenting opinion and hyperbole as fact. After seeing the financial success of Michael Moore's movies, he came up with the idea of making a "documentary" attacking Darwinism, which he calls a brilliant theory with huge flaws. Just so you know, Darwinism is not a theory, it is a label given to people who understand the scientific framework of Darwin's theory, "On the Origin of Species" by those who do not understand a damned thing.

Stein equates Darwinism with eugenics and Nazism in a tortured ruse of blather: "Darwinism was very popular with Hitler's Nazi party, who explicitly said life is about the survival of the fittest. [That] led to horrible consequences." (Newsweek interview April 14, 2008)

Hitler also claimed to be a devout Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. Stein censored that information from his movie, which although he claims it is a "documentary" is nothing of the sort. It is simply another propaganda piece that censors factual information and presents wishful thinking and exaggerated claims in its place. By Stein's reasoning, Christianity would be evil.

Ben Stein's movie, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" will be released on April 18, 2008. Several of the people interviewed have already come forward and claimed to have been misquoted, after seeing screenings of the movie. Several scientists who are attacked in Stein's movie have been forcibly ejected from screenings even though they had tickets.

The premise of the movie is that the Scientific and academic communities refuse to allow creationists and ID'ers to be heard because they want to suppress a valid scientific theory. This has been debunked by every single court case and every single peer review panel that has ever considered either one. Academians who present any of the forms of creationism as science are not dismissed because of their religious beliefs...They are dismissed because they are simply lousy scientists and cannot reason fact from fiction nor evidence from belief.

The absurdity that Ben Stein is trying to make a case for is no more valid than trying to make people believe that Presbyterianism, for instance, is a science just like Mathematics. Science and Belief are simply two different things. "Science" is how we know that magic is an illusion...an obvious conclusion unreachable through any system of "Belief".

All Magicians know that there is no such thing as "Magic"...Stein wants to present magic as a valid science and is willing to lie in order to create this illusion. Just remember...Magicians don't really saw people in half. If you fall for the illusion and the "Belief" that it can be done, somebody will get hurt.



Health Insurance

The entire discussion of health insurance in the US is going in the wrong direction, and its clear that none of the presidential candidates has the courage to confront corporate America. McCain, of course, like Bush, could not care less who has insurance and who doesn't, as long as the military is fed, oiled, and greased.

But Clinton and Obama.... Tonight Clinton announced that she'd like health care premiums to be no more than 10% of an American's income.... This is a complete give-in to corporate America and it can never lead to affordable and efficient health care. Corporations and insurance companies are always going to want their 20-30%, and they are so greedy that they will take it regardless of the health of Americans -- regardless if they are, literally, dying. The service they provide has been proven time and again to be inferior and useless, compared to single-payer systems.... they must be completely eliminated.

Neither Clinton or Obama has the courage to do this, it is now clear. I wonder how much money each of them is receiving from these corporations? A lot, clearly. Enough to corrupt them, clearly.

I really thing that the US is teetering on the edge of existence, and that if it cannot solve the health care issues of tens of millions of its citizens -- one-sixth of the population, soon to be more as employers -- including yours -- increasingly opt out of the system (and who can blame them when medical inflation is running at 7-12% a year), this country will quickly sink in a very mediocre status. At this point I really see no way out of it.

Route to Success

Life is a living hell which is full of problems. But according to me there is always a way to get out of your problems. There are always more than one wqay to each and every problem that one faces in life. The only thing is that , who chooses the best way leads a good life. I have heard that there are always two ways in your life. One is good and the other one is bad. If anyone chooses the bad road , means that if you choose to go on wrong direction, you will face easy thing at first. Initially you will get success at each and every step. But in the end you will always loose in the battle of life. While if you choose the right way, then it may happen that you may face many problems initially ,but finally you will win the battle in the life. you will be having a great life. So one should always choose the best possible way in order to lead the life in a better way.

Life Insurance

Well it is true that no one can predict future. So anything can happen in the next moment. No one knows what is going to happen in the future for him. So one should plan his future in the best possible way. Since the crime is also increasing in the city, one should be prepared for any mishap in the near future.Crime in the city is at a hike and everyday we see many cases of deaths just because of crime. So it has become important in the life to be insured in life. Life insurance is very important. In my opinion , everyone should have a life insurance done because life cannot be predicted ,so to be on a safer zone , one should have insurance. There are many agencies which are providing many insurance schemes in the market, so one can have many options. But one should choose the best one from the different options.